Obama Conspiracy
Obama Conspiracy

Obama pledges focus on job creation
DURHAM, N.C. — Beset by a grim employment picture, President Barack Obama on Monday pledged to ease the way for businesses to expand hiring and offered assurances to an anxious public that he is focused on creating jobs — the top political issue heading into the 2012 election and the Achilles heel of his presidency.

Obama tends to allies during trip to Europe
WASHINGTON - Weaving together strands of pomp, policy and summitry, President Obama's weeklong European tour is all about tending to old friends in the Western alliance and securing their help with daunting challenges, from the political upheaval in the Mideast and North Africa to the protracted war in Afghanistan.

Obama says India should be on Security Council
NEW DELHI - Deepening America's stake in Asian power politics, President Obama on Monday endorsed India's bid to become a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, hoping to elevate the nation of a billion people to "its rightful place in the world" alongside an assertive China.

Obama owes Bush 43 an apology
Throughout President Barack Obama's candidacy and during the infancy of his presidency, I warned my mother, a staunch Obama supporter, that the demonization of George W. Bush would haunt President Obama.

Tant: American left now offering cogent criticism of Obama
After a year in the White House, President Barack Obama should be accustomed to hearing thunder from the political right. The Republican Party has become such a "party of no" that the GOP that once stood for "Grand Old Party" now seems to stand for "Gridlock, Opposition, Postponement."

Jobs Obama's top goal
WASHINGTON - Declaring "I don't quit,"' an embattled President Obama vowed in his first State of the Union address Wednesday night to make job growth his top priority and urged a divided Congress to boost the still-ailing economy with fresh stimulus spending. Defiant despite stinging setbacks, he said he would not abandon ambitious plans for longer-term fixes to health care, energy, education and more.

Another front in Afghan war: Washington, D.C.
WASHINGTON - The Potomac River is a physical as well as a figurative divide between the White House and the Pentagon, and occupants of each building often refer to the other address as a slightly foreign place "across the river."

Obama praises workers' rights
CINCINNATI - President Obama declared Monday that modern benefits such as paid leave, minimum wage and Social Security "all bear the union label," as he appealed to organized labor to help him win the health care fight in Congress.

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